8 Common Mistakes That Sabotage Your Curb Appeal

8 Common Mistakes That Sabotage Your Curb Appeal

1. Doing nothing

Common mistakes than so many homeowners make, is neglecting the outside appearance of their home. When you go to put your home on the market, you are aiming to achieve a great offer  – maybe even multiple offers so you can open up the platform for the highest and best. Well, if that’s your aim, then we’d better start thinking about sprucing up the outside and put as much effort into it as you do the inside of your home. Give your home the “well-cared for” look….buyers love this!

2. Too much clutter

We all have that neighbor, the clutter yard. The neighbor that thinks living outdoors is just like living indoors – while leaving their mess behind everywhere you look! When you put your home on the market, buyers don’t want to drive by or pull up to a beautiful home with a mess of children’s toys and random odds and ends tossed across the front. Create an inviting space for all the potential buyers for when they stop to see your home. Tasteful and clutter-free and it only takes little effort to ensure a more appealing view.

3. Tired Landscaping

When you list your home, there are a list of chores that need to be done. Those of you who have sold and bought a few times should already be very familiar with this chore list. The landscaping is just as important as other aspects of your home. Planting a few colorful flowers, watering and mowing the grass, sweeping and raking up leaves, trimming branches and bushes….let’s keep it simple and you’ll see a huge difference.

4. Peeling Paint

Peeling paint is an eye sore and it’s a common one. Before putting your house on the market, cheer up the front of your home by repainting the front exterior or even the trim. You’ll want the buyers to have a feeling of cheer and comfort when they are standing at your front door, not dislike. So if you see that paint peeling or in need of a little TLC…get out those paint cans!

5. Quirky Art

When buyers come to view your home, do you want them fixated on an object in the front yard and forget about everything else they saw inside or outside the home – which in turn will leave your listing behind in the do not like pile. If you love those adorable pink flamingos and your grandmother sends you a box of pink plastic flamingos to put in your yard…step away from the box and leave them there until AFTER you sell your home.

6. Unusual Landscaping

Have you ever driven down a side road and come across a cute little farm house and in the front to the left there is a bountiful vegetable garden? Then you start thinking, “Well, hey I only get the best sun in the front, so I’ll plant my garden there too”. Though it may be rewarding to grow your vegetables in the front, whether in pots or planting in ground – the buyers may not have the same thinking as you. The front yard should be left with simple ornamental plants and the backyard for a more creative approach to gardening.

7. Shocking Colors

Remember your parent’s neighbor who had the “bright blue” house? And, remember that every time you went to visit, everyone in the car would comment and laugh about how much brighter it was getting? Yes, bright colors are cheerful. When you’re selling your house neutral colors are rewarding. The best reward is an offer and binding contract. So, if you just love that “bright blue”, we suggest repainting it neutral and bringing that “bright blue” to your new house instead.

8. Outdated Fixtures

When you get home after work and open the front door, you look up to the right and there sits that old ugly tarnished light fixture. Your key gets stuck in the deadbolt and you have to jiggle the doorknob just right so you can get inside.  You make a mental note to replace it but it gets buried along with the other thousands of to-do lists. Well, this one may be the most simple. Replacing these types of fixtures is not as expensive as you may think. Those tarnished light fixtures will be an eye sore to buyers and if you have trouble getting into your own front door, think about how frustrated those buyers will be trying to jiggle that doorknob. Easy fix. Replace what needs to be replaced.

We have a few before and after photos to give you an idea of turning your curb appeal from drab to fab!

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