TOP 2 Restaurants in NE Ga you should Know!!

We all love fine dining or amazing down home cooking. Freshness with every prepared plate is what we are talking about. A delicious retreat for your awaiting taste buds. Let us tell you a little about two of the hottest trending and mouthwatering places to eat, right here in our own community! Get ready to be hungry…and don’t forget to scroll down and click on the YouTube link to watch the video!!

We’ll start out with 2 Dogs in Gaineville, GA. They have been around serving locals and weekenders since 1997. They support their local organic farmers and other local businesses that will help them achieve an even better plate for tomorrow. 2 Dog has a more down to earth organic home style feel to their food and delicious does not begin to describe it. They make everything in house and from scratch…even their ketchup!  Some of our favorites are the Spinach & Walnut Salad and the Patty Melt. You will love the casual atmosphere and want to come back for more!

Check out their menu: 2DogMENU

Would you like to get away for a night of fine dining? Put your best shoes on and let’s take a short drive over to Antebellum in Flowery Branch, GA.  Your favorite top shelf cocktail, elegant lighting with impeccable service awaits you at this fine dining destination. Now let’s talk about their menu. If you are looking to make an impression and tease your tastebuds with  a new friend or a group of chatty co workers, this is the place to be! Antebellum uses the freshest ingredients and strives to bring their guests the most beautiful plates each and every night. Some of our favorites are the Pan Seared, Wild Scallops and Grilled Bread. Passion drives just how big they have grown, being in the Top 100 Restaurants in America!

Check out their menuAntebellumMENU


Check out the latest video on these two top places to eat, click this youtube link


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