do you want to build a snowman?


Do you want to build a snowman? Well, we have a fantastic idea to keep your fingers from becoming icicles! If you put latex or rubber gloves under your winter gloves, it will help to keep your hands dry. You can even double or triple layer the rubber gloves. The come in multiple sizes and can be found at your local home improvement store or even at the grocery store! This fantastic tip will definitely do the trick this winter!!



diy kitchen helpers!!

Okay Moms and Dads….this is for YOU!! Are you tired of going over and over the list of things you need your kids to help with around the house? Is it something as simple as putting your things away? If your children are younger we have discovered a fun new way to allow our children to interact in the kitchen without making it feel like a chore. Fun is where kids want to be, right!? So, why not add a little chalk board to the end wall in your kitchen or play area. They sell chalk board paint at the local home improvement store. ¬†Or, you could go the route of dry erase wall paint if you just don’t “do” chalk.

Invite your kids to participate. Show them how exciting and fun this new wall is. BUT, limit their use. Show them that you can only play on the wall, if you get your list of things done. And, then you do your list of things: dishes, counter, trash, dinner, whatever it is that you want them to help you with….you show them that if you complete your list of things to do around the house, you get free time playing on the wall. And, then after “Mom and Dad” – after your things are done…go play on the wall. Draw a funny picture. Play a game like tic tac toe on the wall. THE CHILDREN WILL BE BEGGING TO PLAY WITH YOU. You will simply look over and ask them happily if they finished their list, or did they pick up their dirty clothes they left in the bathroom, the crayons on the kitchen table….etc.


Make home time a happy time and you’ll get diy kitchen helpers!! – Heather Baxter


chalk board kitchen