it’s time for turkey…


We all love a good bird, right!?! You know exactly how to cook your Thanksgiving Turkey and would never dare change your mind on making a few alterations on the preparation of the golden turkey…or would you!?! This year, like every Thanksgiving is a new year for new and old traditions. We have a few tips on making your Thanksgiving turkey extra delicious this year!

  • Most turkeys already come brined from the grocery stores and so the extra salt is not necessary
  • be certain to get everything out of the cavity of the turkey and clean it really well
  • olive oil mixed with a fresh herb is a great cover for the turkey so the skin browns better while it’s being roasted ( like tanning oil)
  • save the stuffing for on the side
  • cook your turkey breast side down for at least half the cooking time in the oven – this gives the bottom of your beautiful turkey a little crispiness on the bottom for those skin lovers out there
  • turn your turkey over breast side up after at least half the cooking time in the oven – this will give you a golden brown turkey without over cooking the top
  • if you start to see parts of your turkey browning quicker than others, take a small piece of foil and cover the dark brown areas (this keeps it from browning as fast)
  • use a metal thermometer to check the temperature, not the plastic ones that come with most turkeys
  • the safe and most reliable temperature your turkey should be (on the thickest breast side) is at 165 degrees
    • KEEP THE DRIPPINGS FROM THE ROASTING PAN ~ people like these!!
  • last but not least, take a good picture and share your delicious turkey with us!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving & we will see you next time…The Russell Group



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