Are you Ready for a Mortgage??

Are YOU looking to purchase a home? Are YOU ready to obtain a mortgage?

Here are 5 signs that now may be the perfect time for YOU to get a mortgage:

1. You are making the right financial strides

2. You are creating a firm budget

3. You are realizing what you want

4. You are willing to focus on what you need

5. And last, you are toning down your expectations

With interest rates remaining at historic lows and the housing market continuing to steadily recover, creating a strong environment for buying a home is important. This doesn’t mean the timing is right for everyone, but you may already be doing these five things that show you could be ready to move toward home ownership. And, unless you have significant amounts of cash on hand, that means you’ll need to get a mortgage.

According to National Association of Realtors mortgage rates will rise to 5% next year and to 6% in two years. At the NAR Conference & Expo Realtors were emphasized that now is a great time for real estate agents to be actively encourage their clients to look into purchasing a home.

Give The Russell Group a call today and let us help YOU get in a new home by the end of the year 678-318-5025




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