the front door

 Decorate your door for Fall… “diy” style                                                

We all ooh and aah when we flip through the pages of a magazine and see a front porch or a front door staged to perfection and decorated to a “T”. And, we also tell ourselves that this year will be different and we will decorate our front doors. What do you think happens after this? If you said nothing, you are correct, we do absolutely nothing! Our intentions are golden and filled with hopes of ribbon and sash, but when we ponder over what all has to go into the “front door decorations” we shy away and busy ourselves with yet another something to do in the meantime. Thus, never decorating our front doors.

This is a new year and a new season! Let’s all take those good golden ribbon filled intentions and do something about them! How about we decorate our front doors this season for fall, winter, whatever your heart desires. It’s really so much simpler than we make it out to be and a lot less work than we imagine. For instance, take a few small pumpkins that did not get carved from Halloween, throw a few silk flowers together, add simple wreath from the hobby store and there you go!!

Here are some ideas we have found to inspire you to diy your front door this Fall:

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 Decorate your door for Fall… “diy” style  


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