it’s time for turkey…


We all love a good bird, right!?! You know exactly how to cook your Thanksgiving Turkey and would never dare change your mind on making a few alterations on the preparation of the golden turkey…or would you!?! This year, like every Thanksgiving is a new year for new and old traditions. We have a few tips on making your Thanksgiving turkey extra delicious this year!

  • Most turkeys already come brined from the grocery stores and so the extra salt is not necessary
  • be certain to get everything out of the cavity of the turkey and clean it really well
  • olive oil mixed with a fresh herb is a great cover for the turkey so the skin browns better while it’s being roasted ( like tanning oil)
  • save the stuffing for on the side
  • cook your turkey breast side down for at least half the cooking time in the oven – this gives the bottom of your beautiful turkey a little crispiness on the bottom for those skin lovers out there
  • turn your turkey over breast side up after at least half the cooking time in the oven – this will give you a golden brown turkey without over cooking the top
  • if you start to see parts of your turkey browning quicker than others, take a small piece of foil and cover the dark brown areas (this keeps it from browning as fast)
  • use a metal thermometer to check the temperature, not the plastic ones that come with most turkeys
  • the safe and most reliable temperature your turkey should be (on the thickest breast side) is at 165 degrees
    • KEEP THE DRIPPINGS FROM THE ROASTING PAN ~ people like these!!
  • last but not least, take a good picture and share your delicious turkey with us!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving & we will see you next time…The Russell Group



October Stats Chat

October Stats Chat

Residential Single Family Detached Homes:

4430 closings in October 2014. Reflecting a decrease of 0% over October 2013.

Average sale price was $247,241 for October 2014 vs. $228,680 for October 2013.

Average Sales Price YTD through October 2014 was $251,668 vs. $228,724 for YTD 2013. Representing an increase of 10% for YTD 2014 vs. YTD 2013.

Year-to-date there have been 46,555 total closings. Representing a 1% decrease from 2013.

Residential Single Family Attached Homes:

996 closings in October 2014. Reflecting an increase of 11% over October 2013.

Average sale price was $203,789 for October 2014 vs. $177,530 for October 2013.

Average Sales Price YTD through October 2014 was $193,213 for YTD through October 2014 vs. $178,356 for YTD 2013. Representing an increase of 11% for YTD 2014 vs. YTD 2013.

Year-to-date there have been 9,653 total closings. Representing a 7% decrease from 2013.

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diy carpet cleaner that works..


It is inevitable that we all encounter STAINS on our carpet. If only we could float like Mr. Pug, the floors would be a happier and so would we. But, it does not have to be the end of the world, we promise! There are so many fantastic diy solutions that are available online for you to try out. The best part, is that it’s already at your home and you won’t have to go out and buy a costly cleaner anymore! So what if the dog tracks tiny or large dirty paw prints from the back door to your child’s room. Who cares if your teenager spills their plate of nachos on his way to the living room. No more worries about having family over for dinner, or holiday gatherings and cringing every time your adorable but messy 3 year old nephew dumps his cup of juice right on your freshly shampooed carpet! There is a solution to ease the worry and create a sense of zen when these things happen.

Here is what you will need:

Baking Soda, White Vinegar, Liquid Dishwashing Detergent, 3& Hydrogen Peroxide

Want to know more? Check it out on this carpet cleaning page and see for yourself! spot-cleaning-carpet

Are you Ready for a Mortgage??

Are YOU looking to purchase a home? Are YOU ready to obtain a mortgage?

Here are 5 signs that now may be the perfect time for YOU to get a mortgage:

1. You are making the right financial strides

2. You are creating a firm budget

3. You are realizing what you want

4. You are willing to focus on what you need

5. And last, you are toning down your expectations

With interest rates remaining at historic lows and the housing market continuing to steadily recover, creating a strong environment for buying a home is important. This doesn’t mean the timing is right for everyone, but you may already be doing these five things that show you could be ready to move toward home ownership. And, unless you have significant amounts of cash on hand, that means you’ll need to get a mortgage.

According to National Association of Realtors mortgage rates will rise to 5% next year and to 6% in two years. At the NAR Conference & Expo Realtors were emphasized that now is a great time for real estate agents to be actively encourage their clients to look into purchasing a home.

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the front door

 Decorate your door for Fall… “diy” style                                                

We all ooh and aah when we flip through the pages of a magazine and see a front porch or a front door staged to perfection and decorated to a “T”. And, we also tell ourselves that this year will be different and we will decorate our front doors. What do you think happens after this? If you said nothing, you are correct, we do absolutely nothing! Our intentions are golden and filled with hopes of ribbon and sash, but when we ponder over what all has to go into the “front door decorations” we shy away and busy ourselves with yet another something to do in the meantime. Thus, never decorating our front doors.

This is a new year and a new season! Let’s all take those good golden ribbon filled intentions and do something about them! How about we decorate our front doors this season for fall, winter, whatever your heart desires. It’s really so much simpler than we make it out to be and a lot less work than we imagine. For instance, take a few small pumpkins that did not get carved from Halloween, throw a few silk flowers together, add simple wreath from the hobby store and there you go!!

Here are some ideas we have found to inspire you to diy your front door this Fall:

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 Decorate your door for Fall… “diy” style  

First time Home Buyer?

Are First-Time Home Buyers Abandoning the Market?

Research shows that the percentage of homes sold to first-time home buyers has decreased by 33% this year. This is the lowest percentage the market has seen in almost three decades according to the National Association of Realtors. Typically, first-time home buyers make up about 40% of all purchases. We are still seeing mortgage rates near records lows and home prices still off about 15% compared to the housing boom peak, so why the decrease in first-time home buyers?

1. Exploration shows that the blame ways heavy on student debt loans and incomes that are not keeping up with the rising home prices.

2. Strict lending standards have also made it challenging for first-time home buyers to qualify for a mortgage especially if they are carrying thousands of dollars in student loan debts.

first time home buyer

With that being said here are some tips to help you with preparing to get approved for a mortgage:

1. Know your credit score

2. SAVE your cash

3. Stay at your job

4. Pay down debt & Avoid new debt

5. Get pre-approved

6. Know what you can afford

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diy fall centerpiece


Want to spruce up your dining room table this holiday season, but don’t want to spend more on your decor than your turkey?

We’ve got a solution for you that you won’t want to miss out on!!

Simple solutions call for simple ideas. We found this neat inspiration over at The Idea Room and we think this fall centerpiece is a budget friendly and eye catching diy project for sure! All you’ll need is a slim rectangular box or basket, a few pillar candles, acorns, or berries from the craft store, and those adorable petite pumpkins left over from Halloween. Of course if you have something a little different, you can make yours as unique as you want! The focus is diy and spending less this holiday season.

Here are some box filler ideas to go along with your pumpkins and pillars:

  • acorns or tree nuts in their shells
  • colorful leaves fallen from your own trees
  • lemons, cranberries, apples, and/or oranges
  • pine cones – big and small
  • silk flowers sitting around your house
  • decorative piece of fabric
  • let your inspiration take over

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