diy Fall Candle Holders

DIY 1We wanted to put the home selling and buying to the side on our weekly blogs and bring you diy Wednesdays! Each week we are going to have a fun new diy post that you can do at home! Whether it is something to enhance your front door, a new creative decoration for the home, a fun activity to do with the family, and even neat backyard ideas to spice up the night life outside. We hope you enjoy our diy posts and welcome any and all comments.

Happy Wednesday from The Russell Group!

diy Fall Candle Holders to bring a little warmth into your fall decor

fall candle holder diy blog idea

We found this on Pinterest and thought it was a great touch to add to our diy page as our first post! Our Client Service Coordinator has actually done this diy project and she used led battery operated votives to the candle holders and places them around her home during the holidays! Either way, this is an easy, fun, and creative diy for a weekend project with your friends and family!


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